re/code reports Cisco agrees to acquire OpenDNS for $635m:

Networking giant Cisco Systems said it will acquire OpenDNS, a Web security company in which it had invested, for $635 million.

OpenDNS is probably best known for its free service that allows Web users to point their computers’ or routers’ Domain Name Service settings to its own network for the purpose of filtering content and preventing malware attacks. Founded in 2005, it attracted 65 million customers.

It has since expanded into services aimed at helping large companies protect their networks, delivering network security by way of a software-as-a-service subscription and combining its capabilities with those of other security companies like FireEye. Its customers include Netflix, the chip maker Nvidia and the energy company BP.

Congrats to David Ulevitch (@davidu) and his team on the acquisition. David is a great guy and OpenDNS is an awesome service.