DefenseNews on the challenges US Cyber Command faces with growth and strategy:

The plans reflect the growth in ambition, manpower and resources for the five-year-old US Cyber Command. One measure of this rapid expansion is the command’s budget — $120 million at its inception in 2010 rising to $509 million for 2015.

Another measure is the $1.8 billion in construction at Fort Meade, much of it related to Cyber Command. Though Cyber Command’s service components and tactical teams are spread across the country, the headquarters for Cyber Command, the NSA and Defense Information Systems Agency make Fort Meade a growing hub for military cyber.

Earlier this year, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced a new cyber strategy that acknowledges in the strongest terms that the Pentagon may wage offensive cyber warfare. The strategy emphasizes deterrence and sets up a reliance on the commercial technology sector, hinging on a push to strengthen ties between Silicon Valley and the Pentagon.

For all the talk of cyber offense, it remains to be seen how the US, and its military, will respond to the massive data breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), attributed to China. In April, the administration added sanctions to its menu of responses to a cyber attack, alongside indictments or diplomatic complaints, called “demarches.”