The Guardian has some additional information about yesterday’s nutso who set himself on fire while aboard an Osaka-bound shinkansen. Apparently the Japanese woman who died during his suicide attempt was on the way to a major shrine to give thanks for her peaceful life:

A woman killed when a man deliberately set himself on fire aboard a moving bullet train in Japan was on her way to a shrine to give thanks for her “peaceful life”, it emerged on Wednesday.

Yoshiko Kuwahara died after 71-year-old Haruo Hayashizaki doused himself in fuel and sparked the fire on the busy train.

“Today I’m visiting Ise shrine to give thanks for my calm, peaceful life,” 52-year-old Kuwahara wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday morning as she boarded the super-fast Nozomi bullet train at Yokohama.

Ise shrine is one of the most sacred spots in Japan’s native Shintoism, and a major tourist attraction.

How sad is that?