FT on how the US Veterans Agency decided to speak out publicly about the difficult it is facing with defending itself against cyber attacks:

With the help of a new Department of Homeland Security system that blocks certain hacks, the VA has seen the number of attempts to install malware on its computer systems cut down by half to 574.7m in May. The number of intrusion attempts stabilised to about 336.5m incidents, said Mr Warren. The VA provides services and benefits to military veterans.

As the software system is rolled out across government departments, it could help other agencies combat cyber threats more effectively as attacks against the US grow in number and sophistication. The severity of the attacks is becoming worse, as highlighted by a recent breach at the Office of Personnel Management that has been blamed on China.

That led Mr Warren to go public about the cyber problems the VA is facing and where it is falling short, an unusual move for a government agency.

I think this level of transparency is a good thing. Keeping the public informed about the challenges will only serve to help the public better understand the tough job the VA, and other government agencies, have with cyber defense.