Engadget sat down with Oscar award-winning documentary director Alex Gibney to discuss his upcoming “Zero Days” film:

The Obama administration has talked a lot about transparency, but meanwhile it pushed forward on secrecy and making Stuxnet even worse.

Gibney: The Obama administration on secrecy has just been appalling, absolutely appalling, both in terms of the number of secrets they keep and the punishments being meted out for people who leak. It’s an odd thing. You’d think, if you’re the Obama administration you’d say this stuff is supposed to be secret and we’ll prosecute people. But for a long time there was an intentional balance between secrets and leaks because that’s part of the democratic process. Because ultimately, if everything the government does is secret, how is there going to be any accountability?

You were able to get fascinating people to talk about Stuxnet; you even got [former NSA/CIA Director] Michael Hayden. Was it difficult to convince them to participate?

Gibney: Michael Hayden is becoming increasingly expert at talking about just about anything, but he had some insights that I never expected. Particularly regarding the Bush administration, of which he was very much a part. I found it interesting from the U.S. perspective, he implies, that Stuxnet was developed not to stop Iran from getting the bomb but to stop Israel from bombing Iran, which inevitably would have embroiled us in a third war in the Middle East.

The entire interview is well worth reading.