The US Army is sending West Point cadets to gain cyber security experience in Silicon Valley internships:

Vidder has partnered with the Army and the Defense Department to accept cadets from West Point as summer interns, learning the ins and outs of cybersecurity from industry professionals. Although cadets receive training in military aspect of cyber, the opportunity at Vidder offers a way to gain hands-on experience to supplement skills learned in the classroom and the opportunity to explore specific disciplines in greater depth.

“We really want to complement formal class work,: Vidder founder and CTO Junaid Islam told GCN. Commanders want to make sure the officers in training have a complete view of the supply chain of cybersecurity and understand how software, systems and networks are built, he added. Cadets already have an understanding of how cyber is used on the battlefield, but the internship gives them the opportunity to learn how software is developed. That experience will help them in the field, if they have to make a change to software or work with industry partners.