Cyber Guard exercise expands to whole-of-nation defense as more than one-hundred organizations from government, industry, academia, and the international community met to conduct the fourth annual Cyber Guard exercise from June 8 – June 26:

“Cyber Guard is designed to exercise the interface between the Department of Defense — the active and Reserve and Guard components — that are focused on the cyber mission, and to partner with other elements of the U.S. government as well as state and local authorities,” U.S. Cyber Command Commander Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers said in a statement.

“The greatest challenge in this exercise is, how do we build those partnerships between organizations that don’t necessarily have a common background, a common verbiage, a common set of terms, so how are we going to harness the power of governmental capacity to include our own department in defending critical infrastructure in the private sector of the United States,” Rogers said.

The exercise took place at a Joint Staff J7 facility in Suffolk, Va., which was designed to support a wide range of military tests and exercises.

Increasing the number of exercises, and the participants involved, will identify important gaps needing to be closed so the US military and its partners can adequately defend the nation in the event of a real cyber attack.