The 71yo Japanese man who self-immolated on an Osaka-bound shinkansen last week was apparently so poor he claims he could not live on his government funded pension, according to his neighbor:

The neighbor said Hayashizaki had repeatedly complained that he only received a pension of ¥240,000 ($1,960) every two months, despite having made payments for 35 years.

He said he had almost nothing left after paying taxes and utility costs, and that he was unable to live on the pension after quitting the cleaning company.

A woman in her 50s who lives near the apartment said Hayashizaki was a long-term resident. She said he was already living there when she moved to the neighborhood 20 years ago.

“He seemed to stay in his apartment during the daytime. I could hear the sound of a television there,” she said. “He barely interacted with his neighbors. . . . I have never seen him with someone else.”

Nothing will ever excuse his dastardly suicidal deed. There was no need to take additional innocent lives.