The FBI is looking to reign in cyber criminals who wreak havoc on US interests. This time they have put a $3m bounty on the head of Gameover Zeus malware creator thanks to all the chaos it has caused:

The move comes amid a wider effort by the FBI to capture its most wanted cyber criminals. Other bounties offered take the total up for grabs to $4.2m.

The second biggest reward is $1m for Nicolae Popescu for his involvement in an online shopping scam that promised to send buyers goods including cars but instead took their money without sending any goods in return.

A reward of $100,000 has been posted for Alexsey Belan for allegedly intruding in the computer networks of three major US e-commerce companies in Nevada and California, stealing customer information and selling the databases.

Providing information about Carlos Enrique Perez-Melara will land you a $50,000 reward. He is wanted for allegedly manufacturing spyware that was used to intercept the private communications of victims and send information back to those running the spyware. He was charged in 2005.

I am surprised it took this long.