Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate, has decided to jump into the deep end of a cesspool, publicly accusing China of being responsible for the recent massive OPM hack placing many current and former government employees at great risk:

Mrs Clinton said: “They’re trying to hack into everything that doesn’t move in America … stealing huge amounts of government information all looking for an advantage. Make no mistake, they know they’re in competition — and they’re gonna do everything they can to win.”

She also said she was hopeful the US could reach a “strong verifiable deal” to curb Iran’s nuclear weapons program by next week’s deadline, but added: “Even if we are successful, however, Iran’s aggressiveness will not end.”

As US secretary of state, Mrs Clinton helped set in motion the talks that are nearing completion in Vienna. She said Iran ramped up its nuclear capabilities during president George W. Bush’s two terms, building covert facilities and intimidating its neighbours.

“The Bush administration’s respons­e through diplomacy was somewhat half-hearted,” Mrs Clinton said, adding that the “only response” was to level punitive sanctions on Iran.