After a lengthy quiet period, the team responsible for Kali Linux took to their blog today to offer a teaser about the upcoming release day for Kali Linux 2.0:

We’ve been awfully quiet lately, which usually means something is brewing below the surface. In the past few months we’ve been working feverishly on our next generation of Kali Linux and we’re really happy with how it’s looking so far. There’s a lot of new features and interesting new aspects to this updated version, however we’ll keep our mouths shut until we’re done with the release. We won’t leave you completely hanging though…here’s a small teaser of things to come!

If you are unfamiliar with Kali Linux, it is the best penetration testing and white-hat hacking Linux distribution available. It comes built with Metasploit and tons of other tools to help make ethical hacking a lot easier and more productive.