Oracle is well renowned as the current company behind the huge security vulnerability known as Java. PeopleSoft, an Oracle-owned human resources management system, is a huge cyber attack enabler potentially leading to a major data breach of personally identifiable information:

Researchers with ERPScan have identified 549 Oracle PeopleSoft systems that are accessible via the internet, and observed that 231 of those systems are vulnerable to the TokenChpoken attack that the security firm demonstrated at conferences earlier this year.

For starters, Oracle PeopleSoft is a platform used by large organizations – many in the Fortune 100 – to manage different company resources, including personal information such as Social Security numbers and payment card data, Alexander Polyakov, CTO of ERPScan, told in a Monday email correspondence.

According to a post, the TokenChpoken attack can ultimately be used to login under any account and gain full access to the PeopleSoft system, and it additionally opens the door for attacks against other systems and third-party data stores.

Of the 549 PeopleSoft systems accessible via the internet, 249 servers belong to commercial enterprises, with 169 of those being in the U.S., the research showed. Another 64 servers belong to military and government institutions and the remaining 236 servers belong to universities.

Honing in on that last figure, ERPScan revealed, in additional information emailed to, that about 80 of the universities have PeopleSoft systems that are accessible via the internet and are vulnerable to the TokenChpoken attack.

Polyakov said one institution with PeopleSoft systems accessible via the internet is Harvard University, which announced last week that an intrusion was discovered on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration information technology networks, and that Harvard login credentials may have been exposed.

This needs to get taken care of ASAP.