James Comey, the tone deaf Director of the FBI insists Silicon Valley can solve the ostensible encryption dilemma if the brilliant US technologists who are saying its impossible to do just try a little harder:

Waving the threat of ISIS and terrorism before the Committee, Comey in particular chose not to believe that cryptographers, technologists and security experts know what they are talking about, and said that the companies have probably not tried hard enough to come up with a viable answer on how to provide access to law enforcement, but keep criminals out.

He then admitted to not knowing enough about the technology to come up with a realistic proposal, but he said he was sure that brilliant US technologist can do it.

“We want to work with the communications providers to find a way with them to get access to the information we need … while protecting privacy. We want to have each provider think about and work out a way where they will find a way to respond to these requests,” Quillian stated, and again asked for Sillicon Valley[sic] companies to come up with an answer – or scrap end-to-end encryption altogether.

According to The Intercept, both she and Comey said that if the companies voluntarily refused or made it impossible to give access to law enforcement, they should have to be forced to do so by law.

If you tell me its impossible then you are obviously not trying hard enough.