The average American has no idea how vulnerable the country is to either cyber or physical attacks, falsely believing we are far safer than reality suggests. What if the fall of American dominance is a result of an attack without a fight?

But what if the big attack on America is one in which our military can’t defend us at all?

More and more, that seems not only like a possibility, but a probability.

In fact, we’ve seen some dress rehearsals for this kind of war recently.

What this means is that enemies are prepared, willing and able to exploit vulnerabilities of our civilian government infrastructure to avoid a direct head-on confrontation with our strength – our fighting forces.

It has come recently in the form of a devastating, albeit limited, cyber-attack by China in which this privileged trading partner and recipient of hundreds of billions in direct U.S. government aid exploited Washington’s negligent, virtually non-existent digital security policies to score perhaps the biggest intelligence asset in the history of the world – the names, addresses, Social Security numbers and background information on every single U.S. government employee, civilian and military, in the U.S.

It was a breathtaking and astonishing attack, albeit, given the U.S. government’s sheer incompetence, it was more like a surrender than an ingenious triumph by an enemy.