I would not put much stock into what John McAfee says about cyber security but it does make for some good light reading. According to McAfee, the former anti-virus application developer, the New York Stock Exchange outage may have been a cyber attack perpetrated by Anonymous:

He points to a the hack against the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which was ongoing for a year before someone noticed. “Most hacks are never noticed unless purposely looked for — a time consuming, costly and tedious process,” he said, adding, “I truly believe that the upper management of most large corporations and most bureaucrats, directors and politicians within our world governments do not understand this basic truth of the cyber world.”

Furthermore, based on his own research, McAfee says, “The Dark Web was rife with communications among a small group of people (allegedly members of Anonymous) congratulating themselves on a job well done on Wall Street.”

Several tweets have surfaced from Anonymous cells on twitter, but none have claimed responsibility.

He explained that the “mission-critical systems” of major corporations and governments have communications, power, processing and storage redundancies built in that allow for a seamless “hot swapover” to keep them running if one part of the system is incapacitated.

“The odds of failure of three systems like this, simultaneously, are in the trillions to one,” he said of the NYSE, United Airlines and Wall Street Journal incidents.

It is a bit coincidental and I do not generally believe in such coincidences. However, I need to see some specific data to see if there is a connection between these seemingly disparate outages. While I will not discount the possibility they were cyber attacks, or that they were coordinated, at this point I find it hard to believe.