Claudio Agosti used to work at The Hacking Team, had his emails leaked alongside the 400GB of data in the publicly accessible torrent, and seems okay with it all. His somewhat insiders view of The Hacking Team and its tools is very enlightening and helps shed a lot of light on the company:

In 2006 I worked for Hacking Team. I was already a privacy activist, and my only duty in HT was consulting private Italian companies by reviewing their network security (penetration testing). Nothing to do with RCS, malware, trojans, offensive security or the like.

Please don’t mistake me for a whistleblower: I’m not going to speak about something I worked on, because I resigned from the company long before malware became the core business model of Hacking Team.

As a digital human rights defender with my background, I realized that the discussion around Hacking team is missing context and wanted to give my opinion on two topics that were raised over the last week. The first being the fundamental implications and possible abuse of power that come with the use of this technology in democratic societies. The second is the race to the bottom, where the economic value of Internet security is more important then the actual safety and security of the users and the Internet’s critical infrastructure..

This is enough to clarify my personal situation about HT, so let’s switch back to my educated opinion about what’s going on.

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