I am not sure if this is mere clickbait or if the Richard Stiennon actually believe what he wrote, but apparently he is under the impression that Intel should spin off McAfee just as they are in the midst of finally integrating the two companies together. He even offers up five reason for why he feels this would be a smart move:

Here are five good reasons for Intel to reverse the blunder of 2010.

1. Symantec is coming back. Symantec too has made its mistakes. Up until Intel acquired McAfee, Symantec held the record for blunders. It acquired a data center behemoth, Veritas for $14 billion in 2004. Only recently has Symantec decided to reverse that decision.

During the last four years Symantec has been a tad rudderless. It is too bad McAfee was no longer in a position to gain market share. That opportunity was left to the other vendors in the space, Sophos, Eset, and Trend Micro, to name three. On top of that a slew of endpoint security vendors have cropped up to address the failings of traditional signature based AV. Cylance, Bit9/CarbonBlack, CounterTack(which just announced the acquisition of Mantech’s Cyber Security products, the remnants of HBGary). Even FireEye, (the company Dave Dewalt went on to lead to an IPO after handing off McAfee to Intel) has made an endpoint security play with the acquisition of Mandiant.

One of the reasons I would attribute to McAfee having only flat revenue (as opposed to plummeting) since the acquisition is that its largest competitor, Symantec, has been stalled out itself. That is about to change. After Symantec finally spins off Veritas it is coming back with a vengeance.

Seriously, Symantec is making a comeback? In what universe?

2. Brand confusion. Branding is important in the security space and Intel is attempting to re-brand McAfee to “Intel Security.” It’s a great name but does nothing for the $55 billion a year Intel brand and confuses buyers of McAfee products. Regardless of the Intel acquisition, McAfee was headed towards a branding train wreck as the weirdest character in an industry known for its oddballs, John McAfee, came out of hiding from an experimental drug retreat in Belize to make a come back, first with a truly strange YouTube video, and now on the lecture circuit. This is a golden opportunity to spin off McAfee with a clean name.

Because, you know, Intel Security is not a clean name, right?

Read the rest of the article for a what seems to be a humorous look into the mind of someone who is out of touch.