After being hit with the largest breach in the US government history, OPM is “incrementally” restarting its security clearance management system e-QIP (emphasis added):

Shut down in late June for “security enhancements,” the Office of Personnel Management’s e-QIP system was back on line, OPM spokesman Sam Schumach said in a statement.

He said, however, that the system would only “incrementally” be re-opened to users so as to “resume this service in an efficient and orderly way.”

OPM was sorely criticized after it reported in April and May that computer breaches had compromised job and security clearance personal data related to more than 22 million people. The e-QIP system was shut down two weeks ago as a precaution.

Bringing e-QIP back up incrementally means that, at first, only clearance applicants who had already started submitting data to the system for their clearance applications would be invited to start using it again.

New applicants would be unable to use the system for an unspecified time period, an official said.

OPM’s statement said that it had turned off e-QIP “proactively” and that there was no evidence that a “vulnerability” discovered in the system had been “exploited” by hackers.