In the tell-us-something-we-dont-already-know department, the FBI has officially named China “the most dominant threat” to US companies, with the country being responsible for a 53% jump in economic espionage cases:

“China is the most dominant threat we face from economic espionage,” said Randall Coleman, assistant director of the agency’s counterintelligence unit. “The Chinese government plays a significant role. The playing field is not level.”

The FBI on Thursday launched a campaign to educate businesses about the threat, saying economic espionage cases now number in the hundreds each year.

It released a video called “The Company Man: Protecting America’s Secrets”, based on a real case in which two Chinese citizens attempted to steal insulation technology from a US company.

The suspects used social media, online job ads and head hunters, and proposed a joint venture to try to connect with employees and steal the information. They were caught after an employee agreed to help catch them.

The video has been shown privately about 1,300 times to companies over the past year as part of the FBI’s outreach programme. Agents urged businesses to work with the bureau to address the threat.