It seems like everyday we read about a new breach or data leakage, especially if it involves the US government. Because of this, a lot of people are asking why cyber security is so difficult to get right? The Harvard Business Review attempts to tackle this question:

The reality today is that no matter how careful we are, no matter how well we design our strategies or how thoroughly we educate and engage employees, we’re never 100% safe against a cyber-attack. Our best defense is to revamp how we’ve been approaching security, and to move from constantly bombarded, isolated defensive positions to a united, intelligence-driven collaborative front against cybercrime.

We need to begin thinking like the hackers that are so successfully penetrating companies. Hackers use the Dark Web underground network to share data, expertise, and resources. Using collaboration, they’ve formed complex and highly efficient cybercrime rings, from which 80% of malicious campaigns start. The private sector is still largely working in silos, with no visibility as to what attacks are on the horizon until they hit.

To truly fight back as best as we can, we need to collaborate on the same level as hackers, sharing information across industries and organizations to see attacks in real time. Just like a disease epidemic, if we’re able to put the right infrastructure, warnings, and precautions in place before a malicious attack comes to us, chances are that we’ll be much better equipped to spot it and shut it down if it does get into our systems.