Senior cyber security military leadership has recently convened for the National Defense Symposium conference focusing on how to secure the nations networks (emphasis added):

The two-day Cyber Security for National Defense Symposium kicked off Tuesday with an address from Adm. Michael Rogers, the head U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency. Rogers is one of more than half a dozen top level military cyber leaders slated to speak during the event, which is hosted by the Defense Strategies Institute just outside Washington, D.C.

The symposium carries renewed relevance as the Obama administration redoubles efforts to secure government networks following a hack of the Office of Personnel Management this summer that compromised more than 21.5 million personnel records.

The symposium is closed to media, and officials with Defense Strategies Institute did not immediately respond to queries about what led to that decision. According to the agenda posted on the Defense Strategies Institute’s website, the symposium will focus on “policy, operations and technology designed to defend critical networks and allow for the freedom of operation in the cyber domain.”

“Cyber intrusions … threaten the ability of U.S. defense and security personnel to operate effectively,” the agenda states.

Military leaders have worked to bolster cyber security capabilities in recent years, including looking for ways to better integrate cyber warriors into offensive battlefield operations where they can gather actionable intelligence or cripple an enemy’s ability to communicate. In the Marine Corps, Marine air ground task force planning staffs now include cyber advisers.