The Pentagon’s new office in Silicon Valley is being headed-up by an engineer and a former Navy SEAL in an attempt to help DoD stay abreast of the latest and greatest technologies (emphasis added):

Their new office, dubbed the Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental — DIUx for short — occupies a building near Moffett Federal Airfield’s massive WWII-era airship hangars. By Pentagon standards, it has materialized at light speed. Still, “The secretary would say that we’re too slow,” Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said aboard a westward flight to the new office.

Work and Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall met late Tuesday with the men in charge of the new office. George Duchak, the DIUx director, has worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory, DARPA, and in the private sector, Work said. His military deputy, Rear Adm. Brian Hendrickson, is a Naval Academy graduate with an MBA from Harvard and experience with SEAL teams and U.S. Special Operations Command.

Both have experience in the technology sector and working with startups. Both, Kendall said, were picked in large part for their entrepreneurial mindsets. Their goal is to meet with tech companies in search of commercial technologies the military might find useful, or commercial components to make existing military equipment better.

This ought to be an interest effort, especially if it materializes in such a way to make DoD more technologically advanced and capable.