Hacking the Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded devices is the wave of the future. This video demonstrates hacking a drug infusion pump to administer a fatal drug dose to patients:

The hack would allow someone to remotely administer a fatal drug dose to patients.

Although the video demonstration, conducted at the Blackberry Security Summit in New York, doesn’t identify the model and brand of the pump being attack, security researcher Billy Rios says it’s the Lifecare PCA drug infusion pump made by Hospira, an Illinois-based firm with more than 400,000 intravenous drug pumps installed in hospitals around the world.

Rios knows this because the demonstration is using vulnerabilities he uncovered in several models of drug infusion pumps made by Hospira—the PCA, PCA3, PCA5, Symbiq, Plum A+, and the Plum A+3.

Scary stuff.