India is rolling out what it calls a “hack-proof communication network” so government agencies may communicate and collaborate in a secure environment (emphasis added):

The central government will soon unveil a secure information-sharing network for top government officials and agencies.

Now, the exchange of confidential information among officials and agencies will only happen through this network, which cannot be hacked or intercepted. State-run telecom operator MTNL will manage the network.

In the first phase, the secured dedicated communications network (SDCN) will be launched in Delhi with 5,000 lines connected through a fibre-optic network, according to a senior official in the ministry of communications and IT.

“After a successful launch of secured communication lines in Delhi, the network will be expanded across India. This will also mean phasing out of RAX (restricted access exchange) phones from the country, which are currently being used by ministers and bureaucrats for communication, but are prone to risks,” an official in the IT ministry said.