Every CIO in every company around the globe needs to be educated about current cyber security threats and can really learn a lot from these four recent high-profile hacks (emphasis added):

Keeping one step ahead of hackers is no easy task for IT security executives. There are so many ingenious hacker ploys, shady tricks and nefarious techniques to compromise your data, it might seem like no company could ever keep up. Cybercrime is clearly on the rise, and CIO have plenty of reasons to be anxious.

Four recent high-profile hacks demonstrate that cybercriminals are breaching networks, stealing data and using social engineering to trick employees. We asked several security experts to weigh in on these cases, how they occurred and what CIOs should do to reduce the likelihood of a similar compromise. Hint: it’s more than just installing a new firewall and insisting that employees use antivirus apps.

1. OPM data breach

This high-profile data breach is disconcerting because the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) handles security clearances and background checks for federal employees. At last count, 21.5 million government employee records were stolen. Most reports indicate that the OPM hack occurred because of a lack of basic security infrastructure precautions. A former subcontractor stole the data while doing background checks, according to both the public hearings on the breach and to data security expert Alan Kessler.