US allies have pledged to fight ISIS in cyberspace as part of collective response agreements (emphasis added):

In a 31-point list India and the UAE issued outlining a plan to counter terrorists in the region, the two countries said they would, “promote cooperation in cybersecurity, including prevention on use of cyber for terrorism, radicalization and disturbing social harmony.”
Authorities have been concerned about ISIS’s savvy use of social media services and online communications channels to recruit foreigners.

Hacking groups claiming affiliation with ISIS have also taken credit for a growing number of hacks across Europe and the U.S. in recent months.

To help combat this threat, the U.S. negotiated new deals with India and the Gulf states in recent months. The agreements pledge to share more data on cybersecurity threats in the region and to swap tactics on pursuing terrorists online.

Last week, top U.S. officials hosted an Indian delegation to discuss combating cyber crime.