China has taken cyber security to a whole new level and arrested 15,000 citizens for apparent web security violations, whatever that means (emphasis added):

A crackdown on “cyber crime” by Chinese authorities appeared to reach a new level on Tuesday when police said they had arrested 15,000 people for online security violations.

The announcement, posted on the website of the Ministry of Public Security, did not give a time frame for the arrests but they appear to have been carried out within the past few months.

For years China has run a system of internet blocking known as the “Great Firewall. But Tuesday’s statement indicated a new intensity in the fight to control the internet and cleanse it of pornography and cyber criminals, but also, seemingly, of political dissent.

“For the next step, the public security organs will continue to increase their investigation and crackdown on cyber crimes,” the ministry said on its website, adding that the arrests had resulted from investigations into 7,400 cases.

Last month, according to the statement, China launched a campaign code-named “Cleaning the Internet”, aimed at destroying online “criminal gangs”.

China has a general problem with domestic cyber hacking and identity theft, which are rampant on the internet, and mainly perpetrated by gangs based elsewhere in Asia.

Surf pron in China, go to jail. Apparently it is that simple to get busted in communist China.