I have never heard of Tiversa so I am completely unfamiliar with their products or services. However, ex-employee Richard Wallace, has accused the company of staging cyber security breaches so Tiversa can extort more money out of their clients:

Richard Wallace, one of its former investigators, has recently testified against the firm in a Washington DC courtroom. During the proceeding, he claimed Tiversa’s employees would hack potential clients to force them to pay for the firm’s services. The CEO, Bob Boback, would apparently even order them to look for IPs of known identity thieves using Tiversa’s close ties to law enforcement agencies. They’d then tell the companies they were targeting that those IPs are breaking into their computers as an additional scare tactic.

Utterly shameful.

It is this exact type of behavior that causes people to distrust cyber security firms; it’s what they fear most – being “hacked” and extorted. This only ends up distancing real cyber security professionals from the public.

Disclosure: I work for a cyber security vendor – Intel Security – and I guess we could conceivably be considered competition.