Ransomeware is a huge problem for every enterprise but there is a growing segment of industry particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks. The FBI explains why so many organizations are vulnerable to ransomware attacks:

“[Organizations] are getting hit; they’re often catastrophic events, and that’s why we’re being as aggressive as we can be,” says Kramer, who supervises a squad of FBI agents and analysts in New York. The FBI’s primary goals: to ensure greater engagement between ransomware targets and the FBI as well as to improve general preparedness for these attacks.

One key challenge that healthcare entities, in particular, face is balancing the needs for speed and security. “There’s often a disconnect between the need for security and the need to get access to information quickly,” Kramer says. “They’re often at odds, and there’s an evolution underway in terms of rethinking some things … to make sure that networks are secure.”

Ransomeware seems to be affecting the healthcare industry far more than other areas, and I really have to wonder the reason. On the one hand I understand there is a need for speedy operations. On the other cyber should be there not only for protection, but to act as an enabler as well.

Healthcare needs to get its act together, and quickly, otherwise we are all going to be reading about a major medical company related cyber event quite soon.