If President-elect Trump desires to solve critical infrastructure cyber security problems then he needs to cooperate with Silicon Valley:

There is no indication that Trump has the slightest clue regarding the challenges of protecting our digital infrastructure or a strategy to address them. Unfortunately, there is little love lost between Trump and Silicon Valley, or vice versa, so finding qualified people willing to weigh in could be an even bigger challenge. Arora stresses, “Both sides need to look past those differences and focus on solving the actual problems at hand. The most important thing to do now, is to look at the core issues from a cyber security standpoint, whether it’s internal threat or external nation states and see what are the most important, most damaging and—most likely—not what provides the most headlines.”

A plan must be built and executed by those who have an intimate knowledge of cyber infrastructure and the threat landscape that not only exists but is possible,” declares Hanson. “The sooner we secure our infrastructure from the core the more efficient we will be in maintaining the security of our cyber infrastructure. Regulations and guidelines must exist that define what our core infrastructure looks like from the bare metal. Security at the hardware level is essential for a truly secure infrastructure.”

It will be interesting to see how Trump attempts to acquire the much required Silicon Valley assistance. The only way he is going to solve major technological problems is through cooperation with those with the requisite knowledge.

Complaining and tweeting about an uncooperative Silicon Valley, and trying to guilt trip technologists into helping will not work.