Christopher Magan reporting for the Duluth News Tribune on a cyber attack against online test provider Pearson, preventing students from completing their necessary certification and proficiency examinations:

Minnesota’s online student proficiency testing was suspended Wednesday for the second time this year after test provider Pearson experienced another cyber attack.

Brenda Cassellius, state education commissioner, said Pearson reported a “distributed denial of service attack” as students tried to take the science portion of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments.

Pearson told state leaders an outside source was trying to disrupt the testing system, leading to serious testing delays for students.

“It is simply unacceptable and unfair to subject students and teachers to this kind of uncertainty in a high-stakes testing environment,” said Cassellius. “After the April 21 suspension, Pearson added additional security measures to prevent this type of disruption. Given the need to suspend testing today, I have questions about Pearson’s ability to follow through on their assurances.”