Defense Systems detailing how a recent DoD report cites China’s focus on cyber as a wartime weapon:

On the cyber side, attacks from China on U.S. government and commercial networks have long been a problem, but what most concerns U.S. military leaders is China’s augmentation of cyber operations with traditional military capabilities. In its report, DOD starkly describes how China is marrying the two and cited examples of simulations China has conducted to test its capabilities.

Moreover, China’s cyber operations serve as a key component of using information systems aggressively. “First, they allow data collection for intelligence and potential offensive cyber operation purposes. Second, they can be employed to constrain an adversary’s actions or slow response time by targeting network-based logistics, communications and commercial activities. Third, they can serve as a force multiplier when coupled with kinetic attacks during times of crisis or conflict.”

DOD’s report also raised alarms regarding Chinese operations in cyberspace directly against DOD networks. Networks and information was targeted on several occasions in 2014 and could have been used to benefit China’s defense and technology sectors.

Whatever happened to Obama’s pivot to Asia? The renewed focus on Asia was supposed to prevent this from happening. Meanwhile, since the pivot has all but been abandoned, China continues to increase their cyber capabilities unrestrained, and attacking without fear of any serious repercussions.