Drunk or hungover salaryman

I saw this poor soul sitting on the side of the street this morning as I exited the Metro Station. Someone obviously had a really rough night and was trying to recover, presumably before heading to his final work day this week.

As I snapped the photo I saw a pretty looking woman with a nice figure walking toward me from the opposite direction I was headed. She apparently heard the camera shutter sound and screamed, “こ〜〜ら!” – “hey!” – at me with a voice deeper than Barry White.

Color me a tad surprised, for not being yelled at but because of the depth of her voice. It was completed unexpected, primarily because Tokyo is teeming with beautiful women, many of whom have high-pitched voices capable of shattering glass. Figuratively, I had an angry Japanese newhalf on my tail.

She continued to walk toward the hurting salaryman, while shouting at me again and giving me the evil, stink eye. I retorted with a simple, “piss off,” and walked away.

As I was about one-hundred feet away I heard her say in Japanese to the drunk salaryman, “some gaijin just took your picture.” I laughed it off as I continued to stroll towards the office.

This was an interesting, albeit fun, way to begin the day. It’s not everyday you see a supremely drunk salaryman passed out on the side of the street in the morning while fully clothed yet with all his effects on the ground beside him, much less being yelled at by an overprotective-for-no-reason Japanese transsexual.

All in all, just another day in Tokyo.