Ever since Anonymous declared so-called war against banks around the world, the Indonesian and South Korean Central Bank web sites were hit by a cyber attack and lived to tell their story:

In response to the attempted hacks, Bank Indonesia (BI) has blocked 149 regions that don’t usually access its website, including several small African countries, Deputy Governor Ronald Waas said in an interview late on Monday.

He said several central banks were hit by similar attacks and were sharing the IP addresses used by the perpetrators.

Central banks have been on high alert in the wake of revelations that hackers issued fraudulent money transfers to steal $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank in February.

No money was lost in the attacks on Bank Indonesia and the Bank of Korea, which were mainly DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attempts, the officials said.

There was no word on who the hackers were.

Waas said the cyber attacks were unsuccessful because of the cooperation between central banks.

“There is regional cooperation between central banks. Those who have gotten hit are sharing their experiences,” he said.

Cooperation vertically within an industry, as well as horizontally across multiple industries, is a key component of a strong defense against cyber attacks.