Motherboard on how the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Washington Post mobile web site:

Th3 Pr0, one of the members of the group, confirmed to Motherboard that they were indeed the group behind the attack, which appeared to last for around 30 minutes. Th3 Pr0 said that they were able to insert the alerts by hacking into Instart Logic, a content delivery network (CDN) used by the Washington Post.

“We hacked InStart CDN service, and we were working on hacking the main site of Washington Post, but they took down the control panel,” Th3 Pr0 told Motherboard in an email. “We just wanted to deliver a message on several media sites like Washington Post, US News and others, but we didn’t have time :P.”

The group often defaces media sites by hacking into other third parties, such as ad networks, that serve content on the sites.