Mozilla was the first browser to finally make a dent in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer kingdom before falling victim to Chrome. The browser has been rewritten from the ground up and is now one hell of an awesome application. Mozilla now completely blows Chrome out of the water in speed and weight:

So my expectations for Firefox Quantum, the new browser from Mozilla, were not particularly high.

Mozilla made big promises about Quantum’s speed and efficiency, which are what everyone makes big promises about when they launch a new browser, and they never really make a difference in the experience.

The new Firefox actually manages to evolve the entire browser experience, recognizing the multi-device, ultra-mobile lives we all lead and building a browser that plays along.

Mozilla did a lot of engineering work to allow its browser to take advantage of all the multi-core processing power on modern devices, and it shows.

Every page seems to load one beat sooner than I expect, which makes the whole browsing experience that much more efficient.

Quantum feels like a bunch of power users got together and built a browser that fixed all the little things that annoyed them about other browsers.

All these things are so fiddly in other browsers, requiring bookmarklets and extensions to work.