Cory Bennett and Elise Viebeck of The Hill on ISIS prepping for cyber war against the United States even though they have only demonstrated rudimentary cyber operations capabilities thus far:

“It’s only really a matter of time till we start seeing terrorist organizations using cyberattack techniques in a more expanded way,” said John Cohen, a former counterterrorism coordinator at the Department of Homeland Security.

“The concern is that as an organization like ISIS acquires more resources financially they will be able to hire the talent they need or outsource to criminal organizations,” Cohen added. “I think they’re probably moving in that direction anyway.”

Military officials agree. NSA Director Adm. Michael Rogers this week called the pending shift “a great concern and something that we pay lots of attention to.”

“At what point do they decide they need to move from viewing the Internet as a source of recruitment … [to] viewing it as a potential weapon system?” Rogers asked.

Startup costs for a cyber attack organization are nominal when compared to obtaining actual physical, kinetic attack weapons. ISIS will likely end up recruiting some would-be jihadists with decent cyber attack skillsets. American industry better to be prepared for such cyber terrorism ahead of time.

To get their point across ISIS would probably target something high profile, like a U.S. government web site or a much more important US commercial internet business. I am not saying ISIS will have the means to carry out a successful cyber attack operation, but they will end up launching an attack aimed at the US at some point in the future.

It really is only a matter of time.