Malware is definitely a global issue, but it is increasingly becoming a major problem in Japan as consumer Internet-of-Things devices rise in popularity:

In Japan, telecommunications companies are working to identify infected devices to prevent them from being used in cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks often involve IoT equipment, and financial firms are frequent targets.

In one example in Japan, more than 600,000 pieces of IoT equipment were held to ransom.

Hayato Sasaki, an expert at the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center, says Japanese firms are experiencing a global problem.

He says infected IoT equipment has been used in large-scale cyber-attacks overseas, and now Japan is a target. Sasaki urges communication carriers, equipment manufacturers, and the government to work together to strengthen IoT equipment and make it safe.

IoT device manufacturers bear the brunt of this effort. They need to start taking cyber security seriously, and rather than rushing to market, these companies need to take time to implement strong security in their IoT solutions.

I highly doubt that will happen unless the government steps in to mandate a baseline set of IoT security standards.