Waqas Amir of HackRead on Anonymous hacking the Chilean government’s National Municipal Information System web site to protest police brutality:

Anonymous hacker behind this breach goes with the Twitter handle of CyberBloc and while talking to HackRead, we were told that the breach is in support of 18-year-old Exequiel Borbaran and 25-year-old Diego Guzman who were shot to death in a protest against the government.

Welcome to 2015 and how online protests – aka hacktivism – are conducted in the internet era.

Groups like Anonymous take matters into their own hands, hacking the intended target’s web site followed by stealing and posting private data online, or by defacing the web site and posting a political message of some sort. Like any form of protest, expect this to continue so long as it is a viable method of calling attention to a particular cause.