There were a lot of security incidents in 2017 leading towards more awareness of the dangers and risk. But now that this knowledge is being presented in mainstream media, what comes next?

The National Cyber Security Alliance, where Kaiser serves as executive director, helped create the awareness campaign in 2004, but nothing has been more effective than the hacks of 2017 at making security a household word.

“It was my job to be responsible for things like raising awareness of cybersecurity risk,” said Reitinger, CEO of the Global Cyber Alliance and a former cybersecurity director at the Department of Homeland Security.

Yahoo gave the public 3 billion reasons to worry about security.

“Pretty much everybody was affected. That’s what brought security into the mainstream lexicon.”

Remember, Equifax was completely aware of its security flaws, but it didn’t fix them.

There are just so many moving parts to the security equation, it is an exceedingly difficult problem to solve. I do not know we will ever reach security enlightenment; there will always be security issues to tackle. What we can do is collectivity lower the risk by being more cognizant of the dangers involved in using online tools.