Many of the cyber security issues companies face today are a result of human error. Not all breaches, mind you, but the vast majority do begin with a phishing campaign. Which of your employees are the most at risk for allowing a cyber attack to occur?

Many of these defenses are often compromised by errant or lax human behavior, which makes employee training even more critical.

The standard memo on security often fails to capture the nuances presented by more dynamic security threats, which are often internal.

For the more resistant users, one can employ a variety of creative training techniques that involve employee interaction, feedback, and discussion.

Take the method of gamification: one could supplement a cybersecurity presentation with a game of spotting suspicious activity, which compels employees to develop responsive skills.

Engaging employees in hands-on training encourages buy-in and accountability.

Given the constant influx of new employees in any organization and the constant change in security threats, periodic training should be mandatory.

Technology and improved practices can help you identify those employees who are most at risk of exposing your company to a cyberattack – before it becomes a major problem.