Well this sure is interesting. a Department of Homeland Security team acknowledged remotely hacking into a Boeing 757 via the airplanes RF communications system:

During a keynote address on Nov. 8 at the 2017 CyberSat Summit, a Department of Homeland Security official admitted that he and his team of experts remotely hacked into a Boeing 757.

While the details of the hack are classified, Hickey admitted that his team of industry experts and academics pulled it off by accessing the 757’s “Radio frequency communications.”

We’ve been hearing about how commercial airliners could be hacked for years.

The same year, security researcher Chris Roberts ended up in hot water with the feds after tweeting about hacking the United Airlines plane he was traveling on.

At a technical meeting in March 2017, several shocked airline pilot captains from American Airlines and Delta were briefed on the 2016 Boeing 757 hack.

As CBS News pointed out, Boeing stopped producing 757s in 2004, but that aircraft is still used by major airlines, such as American, Delta and United.

Boeing told CBS that it firmly believes the test “Did not identify any cyber vulnerabilities in the 757, or any other Boeing aircraft.”

Of course Boeing said that. Just because their official statement denies any identification of vulnerabilities does not mean they do not exist.