From the ZDNet reports on a huge ransomware attack against shipping giant Maersk:

Maersk has revealed that a devastating ransomware attack which struck businesses across Europe in 2017 required close to a “complete infrastructure” overhaul and the reinstallation of thousands of machines.

In total, Maersk reinstalled 4,000 servers, 45,000 PCs, and 2,500 applications in what the chairman called a “heroic effort” over ten days, one in which the executive said may have usually taken up to six months to implement.

Hagemann said the ransomware attack was a “very significant wake-up call for Maersk, and you could say, a very expensive one.”

“We were basically average when it came to cybersecurity, like many companies,” the executive said. “This was a wake-up call not just to become good, but to have cybersecurity as a competitive advantage.”

What a complete and utter disaster for Maersk. What is most interesting to me, and what I would really like to know, is how this was even able to cause such devastation to mission critical corporate IT assets.