Politico reports about an upcoming leadership change to National Security Agency thanks to ADM Mike Rogers impending retirement:

Picking Nakasone — who took the reins at Army Cyber Command in late 2016 — would place someone deeply versed in cyberspace operations atop the country’s premier intelligence-gathering service. As NSA head, Nakasone would also lead U.S. Cyber Command, the Pentagon’s digital warfare organization.

It’s unclear when the administration might formally announce the choice, but it’s believed the announcement could come in the next week or two, which means the Senate Armed Services Committee would hold a confirmation hearing in early March. The Senate Intelligence Committee may also hold a hearing, given the job’s heavy surveillance focus.

Nakasone sounds like a reasonable choice to lead the NSA considering his background and recent assignments. If selected, it will be interesting to see in what way the agency changes to adapt with the growing cyber threat, and more importantly, to the fallout from the still-unsolved Shadow Brokers breach.