The Jerusalem Post reports on Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency’s cyber department:

“D.,” the head of one of the branches of the agency’s cyber division, is 37, married and a father of four. He served in the IDF as part of the hesder combined military/yeshiva program, studied computer science at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, worked at an international hi-tech company, and only then move to the Shin bet.

He says in an article in the conference magazine that part of what got him to join up was that “every incident involves the actual saving of human life. The immediate nature of the response and the feedback are highly notable.

“We do not have a strategic tool that sits idly by for two years, waiting to be employed. What we have here is an activity whose value and benefit are almost always immediate. Today we may write something, and by tomorrow it will encounter the enemy,” “D.” said.

Israeli cyber security capabilities are fascinating. This is only a small taste to whet the appetite, rather than a truly in-depth report.