I am a sucker for these nine creative DIY lighting projects for the home because lately I seem to have this light fetish of sorts:

And then there was light. Boring old light switches and fittings don’t really do it justice though, do they? That single lamp shade is pretty dull as it is, but so much more can be done, from decorating the lampshade to illuminating a whole room with a star field effect, and much more.

We’ve collected nine inspiring DIY lighting projects that you can use or adapt around your home. I think you’ll agree, the results are stunning.

Out of the nine projects, I really like the very first one – lights in a bottle. I drink wine and always thought throwing away the empty bottles to be such a waste. The idea of reusing used wine bottles as a lighting source is quite attractive. First off, wine bottles are, generally speaking, colored and with the addition of lights inside the bottle would add some unique ambiance to a room.

This is definitely something I am going to have to try. I already have two empty wine bottles and plan to make a run to Don Quixote for some cheap lights. Hopefully this turns out as well as I envision it should even though I do not exactly have the necessary tools or experience with this kind of stuff.