Jeff Williams of Dark Reading on why businesses cannot afford to give up on cyber security defense, as if this even needs to be stated:

There are those who argue we should forget about cyberdefense and put all our effort into attack detection, or so-called “attack back” strategies. Nonsense. Anyone who has played even a few minutes of Plants vs. Zombies knows that you have to have a balanced approach. If your barn doors are open, your first priority is to put basic defenses in place.

Why can’t we build secure software? A better question might be why aren’t we spending all our resources getting better at writing secure code? The answer is that it’s not as easy as it seems. Many executives don’t fully understand the massive complexity of our critical software infrastructure and tend to assign blame to individuals rather than accepting that their culture doesn’t encourage security. So, many organizations go for a quick fix instead of doing the work to nurture security thinking in their culture.

If your business is giving up on cyber security defense then you are doing it all wrong.