CNET on the US Department of Justice shutting down the massive cyber crime network Infraud and charging 36 people:

The agency announced on Wednesday that it’s charged 36 individuals who allegedly ran Infraud, a massive forum with more than 10,900 members globally. The group would obtain and sell stolen data, including credit card numbers, personal information like banking and financial data, and malware and stolen identities.

The Justice Department estimates that Infraud was responsible for more than $530 million in actual losses since it went online in October 2007. Scammers on the forum came from countries including Ukraine, Pakistan, France, the UK, Serbia and Russia.

Among the 36 people charged, five are from the US and have been arrested, Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Rybicki said. Eight from other countries have been arrested and are awaiting extradition, while 18 other charged suspects are not in custody. The remaining five suspects are still at large, Cronan said.

It is not often the Department of Justice is able to charge so many people for cyber crime, so this is a major win for the US government. Infraud generated over $530m in revenue over ten year, a considerable amount of business largely with very little work involved.