CNN has an interesting short report on Darktrace, a UK cyber security company founded by ex-MI:6 spies and mathematicians:

Instead of just building firewalls, the Darktrace Enterprise Immune System is designed to understand what the company’s normal network looks like and identify any abnormalities.

Sloan says the system behaves the same way as the body when it has the flu: “This technology is like a fever that alerts us when we have a virus and then we need to take action to treat it.”

An example of a small abnormality that the technology would pick up is if an employee logged onto the server at 10pm, without ever have done so before. It would be immediately flagged as unusual.

I have seen demonstrations of Darktrace technology, and even worked closely with the company, and believe they have a valuable product. They are a unique player in the market and one to consider.

One word of caution: although Darktrace uses AI, they are not the only player in the industry to do so. Just about every company has some form of AI built-in to their products these days. So take the whole “we use AI” with a grain of salt since it is no longer a niche idea.

Disclaimer: I work for McAfee, potentially a Darktrace competitor.