Sankei Shimbun published an interview I conducted beginning last year November and finishing up in January 2018. The article was written by a gentleman named Bando-san, and it discusses nation states leveraging artificial intelligence in cyber operations, among other topics:



The article, quite obviously, is entirely in Japanese, and covers many of the topics Bando-san and I discussed. The interview was a lot of fun, and I even ended up breaking out a whiteboard to draw out some of the ideas I was trying to convey. I have conducted a few media sessions, and a couple other interviews, but this was the first time I took this route.

One extremely perplexing note: although the interview was conducted in the McAfee office in Shibuya Mark City where I work, the journalist opted to use the title from my previous position with the US Department of Defense. I suspect he believes United States Forces Japan Chief of Cyber Security sounds more legitimate than McAfee Senior Security Advisor? I disagree, but can understand his perspective.

Lastly, there was a photographer present during the interview, snapping tons of pictures. Of all the shots taken, WTF was that one selected for the article?